The CP3 Connection

I’ve been a Hornets fan for as long as I can remember. I loved the days of Glen Rice and company. When Rice left I went through years where I followed the team but could not get as excited. Then we drafted a young point guard out of Wake Forest. I quickly became infatuated with Chris Paul and what he brought to the floor. Then I heard one of his favorite hobbies was bowling and I was stunned. I bowled all four years of high school and had a D1 scholarship offer. I often dream of hanging with Chris and showing him how it’s done on the lanes.

But my connection with the man they call CP3 lies deeper. Every time I hear the story of his grandfather I can’t help but have tears stream down my cheek. I too was very close with my grandfather. A week after my 14th birthday he passed away and it crushed me. I never had a father and he was always there. Especially when I played baseball. He loved watching me play.  I was a great player for my age and was even invited to play in a tournament in Cooperstown, New York. I promised him at his funeral I would not quit on my baseball dreams. Unfortunately, four months later I suffered a shoulder injury that would end my career. It’s always great to see the highlight of Chris missing that last free throw for his grandfather. All I can hope is Chris remains a Hornet for his career. Why?

Well, one of my ultimate goals before I die is to go to New Orleans and watch the Hornets and watch Chris Paul. I can picture it now. It’s game seven of the NBA Finals. I used three months pay to get a seat in the nosebleeds and my plane ticket to New Orleans. It’s a two point game with time running out. Chris brings it up the floor and fires the three. As the buzzer sounds the shot falls and the Hornets finally have a title. Chris is handed the MVP Award and scans the crowd. He makes eye contact with me and I point to him. He points back with a smile. Not knowing me or our similarity. Our grandfathers in heaven smile, proud of what we’ve both accomplished and at that moment..the CP3 connection, is complete.

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