Portuguese in Town!

Hi Hornets World!

First of all let me say that my English isn’t good! I’m from Portugal and I’m one of the few Hornets fan in my country. I watch most of the games, but there is a handicap, because Hornets games (at home) start at 1 a.m. in Portugal…

I start to watch NBA in late 90´s and I wasn’t support any team. I just wanted to watch good plays and awesome dunks! Of course Michael Jordan and John Stockton was an inspiration, but the first big play of NBA that I can remember was the 4th point play maked by Larry Johnson (NY Knicks) against the Pacers, that allowed the Knicks to won Eastern Conference in that year!

But then came Peja! Yes, the first team that I supported in NBA was Sacramento Kings! They played great basketball and they had two Europeans players in the roster (Vlade Divac and Peja). Kings could won a ring, but the refs stopped them! I hate the Lakers!!! Because my country didn’t have a decent basketball team, I supported the Serbians players (Yugoslavia formerly) in World Cup (sorry US citizens, that 2002 World Cup came to Europe!) and Eurobasket´s. I liked Peja since his first season on NBA and I still have great passion to watch him play!

When Peja moved to Indiana, I kind stopped to watch NBA as often as I watched. I gave up supporting Kings and Indiana didn’t say anything to me…

Katrina and New Orleans – Was a devastating natural event. I watched everyday on television, the news, the suffering, the fight against everything! Because of that, I start to watch some Hornets games and seeing Chris Paul was great! The kid is amazing!

Peja in town! YES! Simply the best that could happen!

The 2007-08 season was unbelievable and it was great to watch Peja at is best again! Of course the Serbian is a little bit older and injured, but is influence in the team still remains great!

One thing is sure, if Peja or CP3 leave the Hornets, I, Sergio Marreiros, will continue to support the Bees!

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