Post-Game Journal Report: Game 43: Hornets @ Nuggets

Published: January 24, 2010

Hornets lose in an OT thriller against the Nuggets @ Denver.

Game 43: Hornets 110 @ Nuggets 116

–Even without David West, the Hornets held their own tonight against the Nuggets, at Denver mind you. After the first quarter, I knew it was going to be a high scoring game after the Hornets led by one at 33-32. The score was in the 90s by the 7 minute mark in the fourth quarter. The last play I had a problem with when Chris Paul drove for the lay-up with 24 seconds left and left too much time on the clock for the Nuggets to score. I knew Paul did not care about the clock…he just wanted to give the Hornets the best chance to still hang in there and win. Thank God for Emeka’s block but the offensive rebound left a second chance for the Nuggets to score but fortunately, the Nuggets missed the put-back and the game went into overtime.

–Paul was the only player that kept us in the game in OT but not for long. Affalo ruined us with his 2 treys in OT and ultimately, the Hornets lose tonight. With David West, we would’ve had a better chance to win but even Songalia was impressive in his starting nod tonight with 20 points and 7 boards…those are West’s usual numbers so Songalia felt right in tonight. Billups killed us in the final minutes with his threes…even with a hand in his face, he is known for his treys. That’s why they call him Mr. Big Shot. I’m not that mad with the loss but just contempt that Hornets were not blown out against a very good Denver team and that they were able to hold their own without one of their all-stars.

–Paul did everything he could but it was not enough and he finished with 26 points and 10 rebounds. Emeka dominated tonight against Nene and got a bunch of easy buckets in wide open spaces and finished with a double-double with 16 points and 10 boards. Peja started hot making a couple of treys in the first half, cooled off in the third quarter, but heated up in the fourth and finished with 16 points.

–Songalia has been solid off the bench for a while now, his last bunch of games were solid: 13 @ MIN, 7 vs MEM, and 8 points the last three games before that. So I expected him to have a good game tonight and it showed: 7 points in the first quarter, double figures by the half, and grabbing easy lay-ins. He finished with 20 points and 7 rebounds.

–Bench: Posey had 7…Thornton continues to give a scoring punch off the bench, tonight he had 13.

–IMO, Carmelo was the X-factor tonight. When the Hornets defeated the Nuggets @ NO, Melo had only 17 points. Tonight he had 30 points and 11 boards and making important shots in OT including 2 free throws before he exited with an ankle injury.

–Birdman had 13 boards off the bench…Hornets should’ve kept him…

–Hornets now 23 – 20. @ Portland on Monday @ 9PM

-Mr. Kennedy

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