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Published: January 9, 2010

As for Washington, one source close to the situation said in the wake of Gilbert Arenas‘ indefinite suspension this week: “The Wizards are 100 percent going to try to void Gil’s contract, and they’re 100 percent going to clean house. There is now not a single player they wouldn’t trade. – Daily Dime

After reading that I ask myself ” How can my team take advantage of that fire sale without going into more luxury tax? “

To answer that question we must first identify what Washington wants in return

  1. Expiring Contracts

  2. Draft picks

  3. freedom from Gilbert Arenas contract

 (Don’t worry!! I’m not petitioning for the Hornets to go after Gilbert Arenas. He will never ever fit in this team. and i pity him for what has happened to his life. )

Next thing to know is what do the Hornets need right now?

  1. rebounding – we are in the bottom half of both ORB and DRB%. The ORB% is surprising considering we are in the bottom half AGAIN of FG%.
  2. a scorer of the bench – particularly someone who can draw fouls. we are one of the worst teams at drawing contact
  3. luxury tax relief


Now here is/are the trades i am proposing

Notes: we may send PROTECTED first or second round picks to each team if needed..

Comments: One thing that stands out is the fact that we go below the luxury tax threshold with that trade. we give out 6.3 million, we get 3.7 million then we cut lester hudson which gives us a total savings of about 3.2 million.. 

Also I have always loved Mcgee. AND I MEAN ALWAYS..his length, his touch, his athleticism, his family lineage( his mom played in the WNBA .. LOL) 

and nick young is still a developing player. he is a primarily considered a scorer but according to… 

while playing 28% of his team’s total minutes, he has an on court rating of 106.4 and 106.9 for offense and defense while having 105.2 and 111.0 off court ratings. 

this kind of stats are kind of misleading due to the fact that they disregard teammates effect on your off court and on court rating. but looking at the defensive rating you can see they are a lot stingier defensively when his on court than off court. and young is better at the SG position evidenced by his per 48 minute production vs counterpart per 48 minute production. 

Both of them fill(someway) one of the needs by the new orleans team. Mcgee is a great rebounder. young has the potential to become a scorer( if brown or thornton are cold)..

And if ever they dont workout ( i doubt with regards to mcgee), next year they will be expiring contracts along with peja, mopete, and everybody else’s contract. 

i love playing GM for the Hornets 😛 i would welcome any comments, suggestions or other recommendations you can offer for our dear beloved Hornets!! as we say here in the Philippines, MABUHAY ANG HORNETS!!


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