Post-Game Journal Report: Game 26: Hornets @ Raptors

Hornets could not get it done on Sunday @ Toronto to take on the Raptors. This game was very winnable and the last play left me very confused (more on that below).

Game 26: Hornets 92 @ Raptors 98

–The Raptors were missing shots and the Hornets had chances to come back but could not capitalize.

–CP had 10 points, 8 rebounds, but only 7 assists. Peja only had 12 on horrible 4-15 shooting.

–Emeka and West had solid double-doubles: Emeka with 16 points and 11 boards and West had 21 points and 12 boards.

–Thornton had 10 off the bench.

–Last play of the game: Hornets only down 6…Posey rushed airball…TOR grabs rebound…2 possession game with 22 seconds left and the Hornets let the clock run out and do not foul TOR…what coaching call was that???? First a rushed airball with around 26 seconds left and do not foul with 22 second left and only down 6 points. Now realistically the Hornets were not going to rally back but stranger things have happened…but at least make an effort to rally back and foul TOR…but with no effort like that, they deserved to lose.

–Golden State @ Hornets on Wednesday

-Mr. Kennedy

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