A big difference between Jeff Bower and Byron Scott

From this morning’s New Orleans Times-Picayune:

Having been an NBA coach for a little more than three weeks, Jeff Bower admits he’s still learning, and he’s not afraid to admit his faults.

So when it was pointed out to Bower that Hornets center Emeka Okafor recently had been absent from the floor in the waning moments of several New Orleans games, and that Okafor’s minute-per-game average was slightly fewer than 30 minutes, Bower realized he might have to reassess the way he is managing Okafor’s presence.

“You know,” Bower said, “honestly a lot of it is the need for me to get him back into the action. And not limit him. That’s something I have to do a good job with. I feel there’s a couple of games where I’ve kept him on the bench . . . which is my fault. Shame on me. I know what he can provide for our team.”

The head coach admitting his mistakes. That’s something I can’t recall Byron Scott ever doing with the Hornets.

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