Post-Game Journal Report: Game 6: Raptors @ Hornets

I only caught the first half as I was eating dinner with some friends at Chevy’s and they put the game on the television screen and I have to say I was impressed with a 2-point halftime lead. The next time I checked the score…I wish I didn’t because the Hornets were losing by 20. And it stayed that way as the Hornets go to 2-4 by losing 107 – 90.

Game 6: Raptors 107 @ Hornets 90

–The third quarter killed us…as Niall mentioned, a 32-7 run by the Raptors pretty much sealed the win for them. Third quarter points: Raptors – 34, Hornets – 14. Need I say more…

–Chris Paul got no help tonight…CP tried to do everything with 21 points and 18 assists but no help from Emeka (6 points and 8 boards), no help from MoPete again as he had 5 points on 2-7 shooting. JuJu only had 6 points.

–David West needs to pound the boards more, 14 points and 4 boards are way below what he is capable of night in and night out.

–No bench help: Bobby Brown had a nice 16 points off the bench on 6-12 shooting but only 6 points for Peja and Hilton had 6 points and 7 rebounds.

–Collison and Thornton only get 2 minutes of PT…my guess is it was garbage time.

–Bosh is a beast!!!! 9-9 field goals including a 3-point shot for 27 points. Plus he had help from his starters: Hedo had 16, Calderon had 16 and 8 assists, and Bargnani had 14 and 9 boards.

–Hornets need to practice hard and bring 110% to LA when they face their toughest test yet of the season when they take on the world champion Lakers on Sunday. Game is for 8:30 on CST

–Mr. Kennedy
-“Nice guys finish last”

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