Post-Game Journal Report: Game 5: Mavericks @ Hornets

The Hornets win in an OT nailbiter against the Mavericks. I only caught the second half but I truly thought the game was over after the Hornets turned it over with 15 seconds left after the Paul push-off and the West technical. But fortunately, Jason Terry missed the technical free-throw and Jose Barea missed two crucial, game-sealing free throws and Peja’s only 3 points of the game came when it mattered to force the game into overtime and the Hornets pushed the tempo and sealed the win in OT.

Game 5: Mavericks 107 @ Hornets 114

–During one of the timeouts late in the fourth, Scott said how he wanted to push the tempo of the game because the Mavericks are tired…they played the night before. Good call by Scott.

–Nowitzki fouling out absolutely changed the game as Nowitzki was held to 12 points on 4-15 shooting.

–Chris Paul was magic again with 39 points, 5 rebounds, and 7 assists. The David West tonight is the West I’m used to seeing…25 points and 10 boards on 10-18 shooting. Emeka Ofafor picked it up in the fourth quarter and finished with 11 points and 13 boards.

–MoPete had 8 on 3-9 shooting and JuJu had 0. Still below what I’m expecting of MoPete and JuJu was only held to 17 minutes.

–The bench improved somewhat…Bobby Brown had 18 points on 8-15 shooting, Peja only had 3 on 1-8 shooting but those 3 points counted when it mattered, and even Darius Songalia had double-figure scoring with 10.

–Erick Dampier has looked strong on the boards so far this season and tonight was no exception with 16 points and 14 rebounds.

–Jason Terry showed why he was sixth man of the year and is making a case for sixth man of this season tonight with 35 points.

–Coach Scott said right now is no reason to panic and the Hornets showed why we should not panic tonight as the team now goes up to 2-3 and played with a lot more intensity than past games as they should have especially against a tough division opponent such as the Mavericks.

–Friday against the Toronto Raptors @ 7PM

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