The Magic Turned Out to be a Meteor Swarm

I didn’t watch it.  I half listened as I worked on other things.  I’m glad I was distracted.  I’m also glad it’s pre-season so I don’t have to get upset over it.

Some random observations:

  • When the third quarter came to a close the Magic already had 100 points and more than half their shots had been three pointers.(24 of 47)  Their percentages? 62.5% from deep, 64.6% from the field.  The three point barrage had been so withering that Dwight Howard had been required to take exactly one shot from the field.  He made it, of course.
  • During that three-quarter long barrage, the Hornets responded with a tremendous 36% from the field as anyone not named Chris Paul, David West or Julian Wright proved themselves unfamiliar with the whole “efficient scoring” thing.

  • Devin Brown somehow got a bunch of minutes and started.  Well, I say “somehow”, but it’s not that suprising as Morris Peterson converted shots at a blistering 0% from the field.  Byron Scott is giving the two of them every chance to take the starting shooting guard slot, but they have quite simply not shown up.  At this point Byron Scott’s aversion to rookies won’t be able to keep him from playing Thornton and Collison big minutes at the two this season. 
  • Speaking of the Wonder Twin rookies, when Byron put Collison and Thornton in during the fourth, they played off of each other very well.  Thornton poured in seven points in three minutes, with Collison running the show and feeding him.  In the 7 total minutes they were running together, they combined for 15 points, 3 assists, 2 rebounds, 1 steal and a pair of turnovers.  Not bad at all.
  • I’m so glad we have Okafor and Diogu in the bullpen and soon to return.  Armstrong, Marks and Barron combined for 8 points, 8 rebounds, and 11 fouls. Project that production out over 48 minutes and you’ve got a big, steaming pile of crap.
  • Julian Wright managed to turn in a solid line in 23 minutes: 10 points on 5-7 shooting, 4 rebounds, 1 assist, 2 steals, 0 turnovers, and a single foul.  If the Hornets can count on him this year for exactly that line to go with his defense I’m not about to complain.
  • Posey may expend more energy during pre-season game shootarounds than he does during actual pre-season games.

Next game is Thursday in Kansas City against the Heat.  Expect more wacky line-ups.  Typically Scott doesn’t settle on his rotation until the last couple games of the pre-season.  October 22nd, in Golden State, we should get a glimpse of the rotation he’s settled on.

Anyone get the D&D reference in the title?  If not, shame on you.  Go buy some D&D books right now.  Edition 3.5 preferably.

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