What will determine a successful season?

Published: August 31, 2009

A recent quote from George Shinn in the Times-Picayune:

We feel like a lot of our young people have not been developed properly. We feel there are other mistakes that have been made from the basketball end. We’ve totally changed, and we’ll hold people accountable. We’re holding coaches, and not just Byron Scott, but our assistants accountable. We’re holding (General Manager) Jeff Bower accountable. We expect to get better and develop our young people.

Those words lead me to believe that Shinn views 2009-2010 as a make-or-break kind of season. If the team fails to live up to his expectations, it sounds like he’ll be willing to make some serious personnel changes.

But what exactly are these expectations? Is there some team goal Shinn has in mind that, if reached, will keep him satisfied and his finger off the trigger? And are those expectations in line with those of the fans?

Personally, I’d only consider the 2009-2010 Hornets season a success if we can reach and seriously compete in the second round of the playoffs. I wouldn’t be thrilled about getting bounced then — not exactly progress from two seasons ago — but if the Hornets can be among those elite eight and threaten for the final four, I’ll be pretty satisfied. (Remember that next summer the core of the team will still be young and the contracts of Peja and Mo Pete will be infinitely more movable.)

Let us know via the comments how well the Hornets need to do next season to keep you satisfied, and if you think George Shinn has similar expectations.

Oh, and before I finish this post, a little something to balance out that picture of a topless Sean Marks:

Honeybee Lynna

Ah, much better.

Photo credit: Matt McIntosh of Storm Surge Photography.

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