Hornets Vintage Wallpaper series

How about some old-school Hornets walls to freshen up your Monday?

Hornets Vintage Wallpaper Series

Dariusz Ejkiewicz has once again delivered a sweet set of eye candy for your desktop. There are 13 players featured, a dark and light version for each. Clickage the below linkage for the fantasticness, or you can download the full set at Dariusz’s site.

Fond memories of those guys in teal. It’s always odd for me that folks here in New Orleans don’t care much for the Hornets history in Charlotte. I understand why they don’t, but it still feels strange. I started following the team back in the mid-90’s, and it was the players featured in Dariusz’s work above that helped make me a Hornets fan for life. Without them, there would be no Hornets247 and I wouldn’t be living in such a great city.

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