Trades, anyone? Anyone?? 2nd edition- Part 1

We all expect one of our better players to be moved this offseason (which sucks, honestly) so I’ll just jump right into this.

The obvious choice a few months ago was Tyson Chandler, but his trade value is (or should be) extremely low right now due to the rescinded trade with OKC because of concerns for one of his toes and also because of the ankle injury that kept him on the sidelines more often than not. So who’s the guy with the most trade value not named Tyson Chandler or Chris Paul? Pains me to say it, but I believe it’s the Fluffmeister himself: David West.

I made a list (if you can call it that) of trade scenarios that work financially that I’d like to see the Hornets explore. Here are the few that I came up with:

David West to Miami Heat in exchange for forward Udonis Haslem and forward James Jones

  • Upside for the Hornets– We get a very solid (slightly undersized) PF with championship experience and add another solid 3 pt. threat coming off of our bench or who can step in and start in case Peja has back trouble this season. For the Heat– They improve offensively and get a great young player in David West to play alongside Dwyane Wade and Jermaine O’Neal.
  • Downside for the Hornets– We lose our best scoring threat. For the Heat– Some would say it would hinder the development of young forward Michael Beasley BUT I’ve read rumors that the Heat are exploring moving Beasley to SF. If they do, all the more reason for them to consider this trade.

David West to Oklahoma City Thunder in exchange for guard Thabo Sefolosha, forward DJ White, and forward/center Nick Collison

  • Upside for the Hornets- We get a solid big man who would bring some hustle and solid rebounding, a young guard who could give us more depth, and DJ White who hasn’t made his NBA debut yet. For the Thunder– They get a great player who is a solid rebounder and can help smooth out the kinks in their halfcourt offense.
  • Downside for the Hornets– see above. For the Thunder– No downside as far as I can see.

David West to Sacramento Kings in exchange for forwards Kenny Thomas and Jason Thompson

  • Upside for the Hornets– We get a young power forward in Thompson who is coming off of a very solid rookie campaign (11.4 ppg, 7.4 rpg, 50% FG). As for Thomas, his contract would come off the books after the season. For the Kings– see above plus they finally get rid of Kenny Thomas.
  • Downside for the Hornets– Kenny Thomas’ contract ($8mil per?!?!?) makes the deal work. I honestly can’t say the last time I remember seeing him play. Had to be at least 2 or 3 seasons ago. For the Kings– see above.

*David West to Chicago Bulls in exchange for guard/forward John Salmons and forward Tyrus Thomas (The reason I have an asterisk next to this trade is because if it had any chance of happening, I’d like to think it would be based on what Bulls G Ben Gordon (UFA) does this offseason. I’d like to think that if he re-signs, Salmons MAY be expendable. If not, I can’t see them letting both Gordon AND Salmons get away)

  • Upside for Hornets– We get a legit scoring guard and an athletic shot blocker/rebounder. For the Bulls– They get a proven power forward who can help improve their halfcourt offense.
  • Downside for the Hornets– We lose West. For the Bulls– I think they’d miss Thomas’ athleticism.

This time around, I tried to look at the trades from both sides. Part 2 will be all about Peja.

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