What if…

It would be very easy for people to keep writing about what would happen if something went differently…so easy that I’m going to write my first journal entry about it.  Obviously our biggest weakness is the lack of a dependable big man off the bench.  Armstrong has made small progress this year but lacks the muscle to compete with opposing starters.  Marks is completely worthless as far as I’m concerned.  Ely gives you what he’s got, but he’s injured too often and his contributions just aren’t enough.  So I got back to thinking who would be the perfect fit on our team that would fill that void.  Well, it’s quite easy….Brandon Bass.  Now obviously, the Hornets drafted him and gave him a look before getting rid of him after two seasons.  But wouldn’t Bass be the dependable big guy we’re looking for?  He’s got size, rebounding skills and a decent jump shot.  In recent games this season that he has logged more than 25 minutes, Bass has put up about 12 pts and 9 rebs per game. 

If either Chandler or West gets hurt, we’re currently stuck with Armstrong, Marks or Ely as our big men and none of those players can compete with a typical NBA center.  Although Bass seems to have found his niche in Dallas, the Hornets need to look at a player of his caliber and make it a point to find someone like that to fit in their system.  Looking back on it, keeping Bass for a little longer would have would have made our bench a lot stronger and shored up the most glaring weakness on the team.

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