Number-Crunchin’ Time, Reserve Rebounds

While commenting on Ryan’s game preview post for the Hornets V. Dallas Mavs game, one of Ryan’s comments really hit me hard. He said that we should trade Mo Pete for a backup big man that can actually rebound. That makes me wonder, how are our reserves as rebounders? I don’t really know, why don’t we find out. Let’s dive into the digits, rebounds per 48 minutes style.

Player Def/48 Off/48 Total/48 Remarks
Armstrong, H 5.0 3.4 8.4 Thought I’d compare Strong to Chris Andersen this year, and its not close. Big Bird is out-rebounding Strong by a considerable margin (14.1 reb/48)
Bowen, R 13.3 2.6 15.9 Granted, he’s only played in two games, but here’s your best reserve rebounder this season. Hey, math don’t lie!
Brown, D 5.1 2.1 7.2 Not bad for a guard.
Daniels, A 3.3 0.3 3.6 Games played with WAS included.
Ely, M 3.4 3.4 6.8 Ouch… thats horrible for somebody 6’10
Marks, S 8.2 2.7 10.9 That’s suprising! Marks is our best rebounding big guy. Who knew? Too bad he’s allergic to the painted area, and has this nasty, chronic twitch in his right wrist, which causes the ball to all-of-a-sudden leave his hand and clang off the rim. He really needs to get that looked at.
Peterson, M 6.6 1.0 7.6 That’s right. This season, Mo Pete is a better rebounder than Devin Brown, albeit not by much. Thought Ticktock would like this one.
Posey, J 7.8 0.7 8.5 Posey’s offensive rebounding has taken a nose-dive, but the defensive rebounding has picked up. He’s dead on his career numbers in total.
Wright, J 4.9 2.2 7.1 Comparable with Peterson and Brown, which isn’t bad considering he’s had absolutely NO chance to contribute this year

The two numbers that jump out at me the most are the rebounding numbers for Armstrong and Ely. To think we let Andersen walk, and he averages one less rebound per 48 minutes than BOTH of our bigs combined. It really gives me the frowny face. Although AD’s numbers look bad, he’s a PG, so I wasn’t expecting much, and the rest of the guard numbers aren’t that bad. Lastly, I think you can make a case to give Bowen some more reps with the 2nd unit in the frontcourt, where the Hornets desperately need the rebounding help. I  mean, what could it hurt? Are they going to score less? Is that even possible? When you folks hear Ryan him and haw about how the Hornets need frontcourt help, especially in rebounding, this is what he’s talking about.

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