Can we pls get rid of Peja now?

Published: January 13, 2009

40%… That was Peja’s percentage before this game against the Knicks… and he went 3-12 in this game so thats not going to help… Peja is not the player he once was. We have him in our team to space the floor and knock down 3’s. Some might say he hits clutch shots late (e.g. like tonight) but if he had’ve hit his earlier shots we might not have been in a position where we needed that. If he is hitting his shots it makes it easier of everyone. If he can’t do that then we need to mix it up, why can’t we try bringing him off the bench?

I think we should try a starting lineup of Paul, Peterson, Butler, West, Chandler. With a second unit of Daniels, Peja, Wright, Posey, Armstrong. Seriously what’s the worst that could happen? We might lose to the Knicks? Oh wait…

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