Who’s on your all-star team? December Edition

First of all, I recognize this is a New Orleans Hornets blog. With that, I understand that there will be some bias toward the four Hornets that are up for all-star positions. What I’d like is for everyone to put aside their team biases, and come with an objective list of who would be on your all-star team. Feel free to fill all 12 slots. Remember this list is what you make of it. If you believe the All-Star game is simply a popularity contest, made for TV ratings, and therefore just the most recognizable players get on your list, then so be it. If you think its a reward for what a given player has done this season, then make your selections accordingly. If you want to give a reason for a certain player, then go ahead. Do what you wanna do. This entry was inspired by going to nba.com and seeing that Gilbert Arenas had gotten over 64,000 votes, WHAT? How does someone that hasn’t played a single minute… you know what, nevermind! Mke your all-star selections in the comments.

And with that said, Here is my all-star team, as I see it right now:

Eastern Conference Starters:

F: Lebron James, CLE (duh! by far the best player in the conference, and maybe even the league)

F: Chris Bosh, TOR (team struggles aside, dude is still a BEAST! 2010 is going to be good to this man!)

G: Rajon Rondo, BOS (the kid is a gamer, still a little inconsistent, but he and DJ Augustin are the future of PG in the East. Defensively, other than Chauncey Billups, he’s the best at his position)

G: Dwyane Wade, MIA (wow, the NBA is SO much better off when he is healthy)

C: Dwight Howard, ORL (Superman, nuff said. He’s a double double factory!)

East Reserves:

F: Kevin Garnett, BOS; Danny Grainger, IND; and Antawn Jamison, WAS

G: Jose Calderon, TOR; Devin Harris, NJN; and Joe Johnson, ATL

C: Zydrunas Ilgauskas, CLE

Western Conference Starters:

F: Tim Duncan, SAS (pencil in 22 and 11 for this guy every night, so consistently excellent)

F: Carmelo Anthony, DEN (Didn’t wanna do it, but there is no one else to put here as a small forward. And no, Peja should not be in this spot, even though I vote for him every day.)

G: Chris Paul, NOH (Is there an easier pick than this, honestly? I am spoiled by the amazing things he pulls off every night. I’m waiting for him to fly or walk on water.)

G: Brandon Roy, POR (Screw you, Kobe! Get ready to be surpassed by this kid VERY soon!)

C: Andris Biedrins, GSW (Not a polished offensive player, but one the best rebounders in the West, and VERY underrated. I know Yao is going to get it, but Biedrins deserves this slot for the way he’s playing.)

West Reserves:

F: Dirk Nowitski, DAL; Pau Gasol, LAL, and Carlos Boozer, UTH

G: Kobe Bryant, LAL; Tony Parker, SAS; and Chauncey Billups, DEN

C: Yao Ming, HOU

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