The Blazers’ Commentators Suck: 1st Half

Ok I’m watching the game Blazers vs Hornets game on League Pass right now. There’s currently 4:07 minutes left in the 2nd quarter. Already their commentators have reminded me how much I hate them and how bad they suck.

Here’s some key points:

  • Our Power Forward is this Doug West guy. Hmm he apparently has a lot of similar skills to David West. I wonder who he is….
  • Posey is much better back up for us than Desmond Mason was last season. (2 things wrong with that statement alone)
  • As James Posey got fouled and got the goaltend call, he still apparently has 2 more free throws.
  • We have the ball on the baseline and we throw it in the backcourt which is illegal. So Chris Paul, the guy who got the ball back there, should study the rule book? That would be passer, not the receiver dumbasses!

Those are just a few of the many mistakes they made in the first half.

Now some funny ones:

“Peja was barking at the ref, but he didn’t get a tech because he was speaking in Serbian so they didn’t know if they should T him.” (I’ll give it to em, that’s funny)

After Posey made a three in the 2nd half, they said that Blazers didn’t know Posey could hit 3’s. I guess they agree with me that their team is retarded.

Oh and just another thing I remembered. Last year they asked the Blazers if they could spell Joel Prrr”aqrewitqire”billa’s last name. Only one guy could do it! It’s not like you see it on the back of his jersey 300 times a month right!?

I’ll be goin to get some food during the half time show. We’re down by 2. Bleh. Blazers should start missing their outside shots….


2 Minute Update: I thought I’d mention their halftime commentator with the glasses has a funny voice, and a funny lisp. It cracks me up 🙂

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