Saintsitis and the Popeyes Curse

Okay folks, Mikey here, with your word of the day… The word of the day is “Saintsitis”


Saintsitis: A systemic, debilitating mental condition that precipitates through an entire roster of a New Orleans professional sports franchises, thereby causing them to inexplicably suck beyond belief.

Usage: The New Orleans Hornets have suffered thorough a serious case of saintsitis though the last two weeks.

Clearly, we as Hornets fans want to find an easy cause or easy solution to what’s wrong with the team. Unfortunately the real problem probably isn’t that easy to diagnose. However there may be another culprit.

I was speaking with a gentleman on the Hornets corporate partnership staff, and he read me on to a disturbing situation. Those of you who were at the Miami Heat game remember the Popeyes 100 promotion. Basically this is how it all works, the Hornets score 100 points, and everyone with a ticket stub can redeem it at their local Popeyes for a free chicken wrap. The Hornets scored 100 points that night, but when fans went to get their chicken the following day, not a single ticket stub was redeemed. If there is a time to say “Not a good omen”, this is it. Since that day, the Hornets have won exactly one game, and have not broken the 100-point plateau to date. Call it a hex, curse, gris gris, whatever… but something has got to be done for us to break the bonds of this Popeyes situation. Maybe we should all unite and buy a chicken wrap from Popeyes on saturday, before the next home game. At this rate, i’ll do just about anything in my power (which intellectually is nothing, I already know that) to help the Hornets offense get rolling again.

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