Game On: Hornets @ Rockets

Published: November 15, 2008

Okay, I’m being lazy today and I’m not going to produce a proper game preview.  Something to do with playing Fallout 3 after the game until late last night and stuff.  The Rockets are 5-4, and we are 5-3.  Both teams played last night – the Hornets winning against Portland, the Rockets losing to San Antonio.

Rafer Alston isn’t playing due to a suspension, which is nice because he’d spend the whole game chirping at his betters and generally irritating everyone.  Mike James isn’t playing because he’s actually worse than Rafer Alston.

So far this season, Houston’s defense has been crushing as usual,(97.6 points given up per 100 posessions, 4th in the league) but their offense has been sputtering and inconsistent. (99.5 points per 100 posessions, 24th in the league)  The Hornets haven’t been up to expectations yet this season, posting an 8th best offense(105.4 per 100) and the 16th best defense.(102.4 per 100)  Both of those are well below what the Hornets produced last year.


Enjoy.  I do the recap tonight, as Ron is off in Houston watching the game.  I think he’s doing it just to rub it in to me that he gets to watch the Hornets not only at home – but in other cities too.

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