New site coming soon, downtime expected (And Notes)

A few weeks back I mentioned that we’d be launching a new version of the site before the season started. Well, since the season starts next week, I guess now would be a good time to make that change.

During this switch, which we plan to initiate tomorrow (Thursday) morning, there will be downtime and you won’t be able to access the site. It’s tragic, I know. Worse still, since we’re moving everything to a new server, we can’t predict exactly when we’ll be back up and running again. The time frame for such a thing can be anywhere from several hours to three days. My best guess is that we’ll be back in business by Sunday afternoon at the latest.

If anything unusual happens, we’ll post updates on our Facebook page (you don’t need a Facebook account to view it). Leaving you with a handy evolution chart, with apologies to the creationists. Part of me will miss carrying that big stick.

The evolution of

((This bit tacked on by Ryan)) 

I had planned to get this post up before Ron’s downtime post, but I’m old, slow, and just totalled my car today when I ran into an 8-point buck at 60 miles per hour.  Good times.  So I’ll just tack this on here instead.

Last year at this time, I was grumbling about the lack of recognition the Hornets were receiving.  In just a couple months our buddies Ticktock and Wawer were starting up HornetsHype to rant at the world about the injustice of it all.  I don’t think we can do much ranting this year.  The Hornets are top 4 on every almost every major power rankings.  Chris Paul is the toast of every town outside of bitter Salt Lake City.  New Orleans will be on national TV at least thirteen times this year.

To keep up the good hype, here’s some results of a poll done by  They asked the 30 GMs of the NBA a series of 15 questions, and the Hornets represented, with 9 of the questions having a Hornet receiving votes.

First and foremost, New Orleans was picked to be the most fun team to watch in the league.  Yeah, baby.

Chris Paul was voted the Fastest with the ball, the 2nd best passer, the 2nd best leader, and tied for the 3rd toughest player in the league.

Tyson Chandler was recognized as the best offensive rebounder in the game, while Peja was listed as the third best shooter in the NBA.

And lastly, David West recieved a single vote for “doing the most with the least.”  Attaboy, Fluffy.

If you’re interested, go take a look at the rest of the poll.  Some other teams and players are mentioned too.  I guess.

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