Introducing Courtney Sims and Jared Jordan

I'm finding it strange that almost nobody online has mentioned the two new players the Hornets have picked up for training camp. First I heard of it was from Roland in the comments here yesterday, and I've since heard that the two newbies were getting schooled by Ryan Bowen at the New Orleans Arena earlier this week.

So allow me to break the ice and deliver a little more info on the newest Hornets…

Hornets training camp invitee Courtney SimsCourtney Sims
Center | 6-11 | 245 lbs | 24 years old | Michigan

This guy has three games of NBA experience, having latched on with the Pacers briefly last season. He spent most of the year balling in the D-League, where he averaged 15.6 points and 6.4 rebounds in 21.9 minutes per.




Hornets training camp invitee Jared JordanJared Jordan
Point guard | 6-2 | 190 lbs | 23 years old | Marist

This guy racked up billions of assists in college, got drafted 45th overall by the Clips in 2007, played summer league, got traded to the Knicks, played preseason, got cut, then spent last season playing ball in Lithuania. Most recently he played five games for the Suns in the Vegas summer league, where he averaged 3.2 points and 2.6 assists in 14.6 minutes per.


If anyone has any additional info on these guys, please share in the comments.

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