Hornets Off-Season: Where James Posey Comes to Town

Published: July 17, 2008

Ha ha!  My nefarious plan worked perfectly.  As soon as I said the Hornets would do nothing this off-season, they had to go and prove me wrong.  It's something I love about their front office – they clearly watch for my opinions, and then set out to make me look foolish.  Too bad I'm on to them now.

Anyways, Posey is a solid pickup.  He'll slot nicely into the intense defense the second unit plays, and will be able to let both West and Peja get some nice minutes of rest.  Honestly, that second unit is going to be very, very hard to score on with Armstrong, Posey, Wright and Pargo.(assuming Pargo returns)  That group already put up some of the best defensive numbers in the league, and Posey is a clever, tough defender.

Offensively – he'll help a little bit.  He's a lot like Bruce Bowen – tough defender who can drill the corner three.  The second unit was pretty short on shooting, so having him on the floor will give Pargo a nice option on the drive and kick.  Still, expect the beginning of the second and fourth quarters to be really ugly as our team shows intense defense and a sputtering offense.

I'm excited to have Posey on board.  If they re-sign Pargo now, I think I can live with having Hilton as the primary back up big for now.  Maybe we can bring Andersen in, and with a training camp, have him actually do something.

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