Vegas Summer League starts today

Published: July 11, 2008

Just a quick post so everyone has a heads up about the Las Vegas Summer League, which starts today. Julian Wright and Hilton Armstrong are on the Hornets squad, along with Adam Haluska and a bunch of guys I've never heard of. Oh, and as you'd expect, rookie Darrell Arthur isn't on the team because we traded him for all that free agency splash cash.

Anyways, you can find out all about the Hornets roster for this thing over at the Big Easy Buzz Blog.

Our guys tip off today against zee Grizzlies. Funnily enough, that same Darrell Arthur dude will be playing for them, because Memphis is where he ended up after being traded eleventy-billion times on draft night. Poor chap.

The Hornets will play six games in Vegas. You can find the full schedule over at Oh, and all the games will be broadcast live online, which is cool and technological and stuff.

Let's all hope this season's trip to Vegas runs a little more smoothly than it did a year ago, when the Hornets lost all five of their games and had their hotel shot up by a "local guy who snapped."


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