Hornets Off-Season: Draft Update

Alright – I've listened to the interview Jeff Bower gave the collective reporters about the trade of the 27th pick to Portland for Cash, and I've got to say I'm a bit irritated.

Irritated with the source that broke the news, and more irritated with the Times-Picayune continued coverage of the news.  The T-P reporters continue to act like the deal is already done and just waiting on a soon-to-be completed call to the League Office, basically spouting what was stated by the ESPN source.  That's not the case.

During the interview, Jeff Bower answers a question about when the trade will be completed, and he said, quite clearly, "Not until the draft."

He also states multiple times that they don't consider themselves out of the draft yet, and that there are other options.  He does make it pretty clear that this is the most likely outcome of the draft.

In my opinion, it sounds like Bower is doing what he should be doing.  He will wait until the guys he wants are off the board, and then call Portland and sell them the pick, having been convinced that there isn't anyone else in the draft that's worth more to the team right now than $1 million in money that could be spent on a free agent.

I guess I have myself to blame for running with a source-reported item, but this does make me feel better about how the Hornets are handling the draft than I did yesterday.

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