Game Day Open Thread: Game 7 – Spurs @ Hornets

Published: May 19, 2008

This is it. Game 7. One team will advance, the other will go home. 

On one side we have the visiting Spurs: A wily veteran team who've been there before and will resist the youth movement to get there again. Or are they just broken heroes on a last-chance power drive? And then we have the Hornets, a team that's cost me countless hours and emotions in the past six months. Are these guys for real? Can they stay strong, topple the defending champs and advance to the Conference Finals for the first time in franchise history. Or will we have to suffer disappointment, and wait another year for this funky bunch to take the next step?

It all unfolds tonight. 

The Hornets huddle up

Stuff to know…

Game Time: 7:30pm Central.

TV: TNT nationwide.

Radio: This one's being broadcast on a whole bunch of radio stations. More info here.


Should be a memorable night at the Arena. It will either be the end of one helluva season, or the best time of my life. I'm betting on the latter.

Let's go, Hornets. 

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