Hornets Asylum: The new Hornets Message Board on the block

At the beginning of the season, it was easy to keep track of Hornets blogging on these here internets. There was Hornets247, and then there was Philip Langer's german-speaking Hornets blog. It was lonely.

Fast forward to right now, and the web is buzzing with Hornets talk. Nowadays we've got At the Hive, Hornets Hype and Swarming the Ball all fully committed to blogging the Bees, and the Best of New Orleans Blog has been covering the team frequently, too. All this extra blogging means more opinions, observations and conversations about the Hornets, and that can't be bad.

Hornets Asyulm

As for message boards, there's always been just one forum you could count on to get your dedicated Hornets fix, that being Hornets Report. But now there's another funky board on the block. It's called Hornets Asylum, and you can find it at HornetsAsylum.com. HA has been running privately for a few weeks now, but they've just opened up the doors to welcome everyone and anyone to the conversation. Head on over there, sign up and get posting. We'll have the whole damn internet talking Hornets before too long.

Leaving you with some recent conversations on Hornets Asylum…

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