Game Day Open Thread: Game 1 – Mavericks @ Hornets

Here we go…

Game 1 of Hornets-Mavericks tips off just after 6pm Central today in New Orleans. There's been a bunch of talk about which team should be considered the favorite, whether or not experience will be a factor, if last Wednesday's game in Dallas was a sign of things to come… But it all goes out the window when that ball goes up and it's just two great teams playing basketball.

Chris Paul vs. Dirk Nowitzki

Some relevant info…

Game Time: 6:00pm Central.

TV: CST locally, ESPN everywhere.

Radio: KMEZ 102.9 FM in New Orleans and WIBR 1300-AM in Baton Rouge.


It's been four years since the Hornets last played a Playoff game, and New Orleans has had to endure a lot of shit since, both on and off the court. Now we're back, more amped and hopeful than ever. Memories of a half-empty Arena back in November and December seem decades old, and at some point this evening, when the Hornets make a run and the Hive is about to explode, I'll take a moment to look around and absorb the fantasticness. It's gonna be something.

Let's go.

[UPDATE] Hornets kick ass in the second half and take Game 1, 104-92.

Linkage: recap | box score

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