Photos from the Jordan CP Launch Party

Because we're so incredibly important and fantastic, we got passed along some photos and info from the Jordan CP Launch Party, which went down at a fine establishment called Republic in the Warehouse District here in New Orleans last Friday night.

Yeah, right after we got done beating the Jazz.

As the name would suggest, the party was to celebrate the launch of Chris Paul's first signature shoe for Jordan Brand, the Jordan CP, which is now available to buy in stores of the shoe-selling variety.

On with the photos…

Chris Paul white shoe
Chris Paul shows off the new kicks in white…

Chris Paul black shoe
… and then in black.

Rasual Butler, Mike James, Bonzi Wells
Rasual Butler, Mike James and Bonzi Wells discuss the importance of the second unit.

Honeybee Kadie and some other chick
I believe that's Honeybee Kadie on the left.

Hilton Armstrong, Tyson Chandler
Hilton Armstrong and Tyson Chandler come in out of the cold.

Random partygoers
These people are smiling because they got an invite and you didn't.

Chris Paul's parents
Mama and Papa Paul in the house.

DJ Clue
DJ Clue, apparently.

Idris Elba
That Idris Elba dude from The Wire. (Still haven't seen it.)

Hilton Armstrong
Hilton poses with some lady.

Random chicks
An essential ingredient of any great party: random hot chicks.

David West
David West, and some lady.

Julian Wright
Julian Wright, not 21 for another couple months. Sad face.

Jason Mayden, Tyson Chandler
Tyson poses with Jason Mayden, who I believe designed the Jordan CP. Nice job, sir.

DJ Clue
DJ Clue, game face on.

Inside the party
Methinks they're dancing.

Jadakiss, looking either tough or pissed off. Nice jacket, though.

Jannero Pargo
Jannero Pargo, and some lady.

Ryan Bowen

Inside the party
That might be another Honeybee in the middle, and the back of Melvin Ely's head to the left.

Tyson Chandler
Tyson Chandler, and some random lady.

Morris Peterson, Rasual Butler
Mo Peterson, Rasual Butler, and some other dude in the background.

Julian Wright
JuJu, hardy har.

Looks like everyone had themselves a good time. The party would have been better of course if I had been invited. I hear all the ladies were bummed that I didn't show up. They had to make-do mingling with all the tall, rich athletes and celebrities instead of listening to me reciting witty Gil McGregor puns. Ladies love puns, you know.

Wrapping this up with some info on the Jordan CP…

The high-performance technology built into the Jordan CP will assist Paul in his ascent to become one of the best point guards in the league. The shoe is made with revolutionary, lightweight materials (weighing in at a light 14oz.) and superior traction with enhanced support to help Paul's on court game.

The Jordan CP also details personal moments in Paul's life, demonstrating his devotion to basketball as well as the people he admires. The "61" etched in the shoe symbolizes Paul's grandfather. Just days after the passing of his family hero, Paul played in a high school basketball game scoring exactly 61 points, one for each year his grandfather had lived. The letters "SP" stitched on the backside of the tongue are in memory of his Wake Forest Coach, Skip Prosser. The Jordan CP also comes detailed with Chris Paul's signature stitch; a bowling pin configuration on the ankle that symbolizes his other favorite sport, bowling, and a heel pull tab featuring a New Orleans stinger.

Remember, the Jordan CP's are out now, so go get you some. More info at

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