The Spurs Beat the Hornets

Published: February 24, 2008

Since I have been particularly lax in getting game previews up the past couple games, I figured I'd give Ron a day off and recap the game myself.  Yay?

Like the last game, the Hornets couldn't find any offense in the second quarter, fell behind, and it cost them in the end.  Unlike the last game, the Hornets didn't show any quit, and fought back hard, tying it with six minutes to go in the game before ultimately falling.  I don't really feel bad about the game.  The guys were playing. Observations:

  • The Hornets played strictly one-on-one basketball for most of the game. Most of our assists came on breaks, Paul-Tyson lobs, and kick-outs when West was doubled in the post.  There was very little ball movement. What happened to that free-flowing offense we showed during the win streak?
  • The Spurs pull more questionable and borderline crap than any other team in the league.  Every one of them poke, push, shove, smack and bump the other team.  At one point I saw Bowen literally play the drums on Peja's back.  Peja used his butt to push Bowen back a little and Bowen smacked him in the lower back four times.  I thought I was seeing things so rewound it on Tivo.  Just bizarre.   The refs couldn't see it, but I think they knew something was going on,  when Peja turned to face him and Bowen brushed his shoulder, a foul was called.
  • Screw you, Manu.  I'm not giving you MVP votes anymore. 

  • I couldn't tell why we went away from Peja in the third once he was on fire.  The Spurs adjusted slightly, but we stopped running plays for him.  Peja, shave your beard, go evil, and tell Byron to get you the damn ball.
  • Paul's mid-range shot(from where the college three point line is) is near automatic now.  I can't think of many players who can hit that shot with more consistency.
  • The new guys were a mixed bag – as should be expected.  Bonzi played hard, but his shot was off and he clearly wasn't expecting a few of the passes that were delivered to him.  That's good, once he realizes he'll get the ball when he's open, he'll be on fire.  He's also not likely to miss all the interior shots he missed – those are usually his bread and butter. Mike James played better defense than I thought he would, but what was the deal with him being in there in crunch time?  That off-balance shot he took off the dribble was his only bad move of the night, but it was a big one.
  • Pargo was ice-cold in the first half, and on fire in the second.  And Byron handled him perfectly.  As soon as he came down and took an off-the-dribble three with 20 seconds on the shot clock that missed horribly, he was yanked.
  • Peterson got nine points, hitting all his threes.  His drives, however, were beyond ugly.  He'd get to the basket and then unleash some crazy off-balance high-arching lob shots that threatened to kill people in the upper deck.  C'mon Mo, get it together.
  • Both Tyson and Hilton played hard and did a few nice things, but Duncan put them in the torture chamber, and turned them into foul machines.  It was foul.

I hope we make Washington cry on Monday.  We need some wins – we lose two of three and fell from 1st in the West to 5th.  Crazy.

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