Random Shizzle: Supermodel edition

Man, this moving thing is crazy. Trying to find an apartment with a dance pole, a water slide and off-street parking is so much harder than I thought. What's a guy to do?

My posting will remain about as consistent as Morris Peterson for a few more days, until I get myself into a routine. For now, let's just toss around some shizzle…

  • We begin with the latest power rankings from ESPN.com, which have the Hornets at #7, one spot ahead of the Dallas Mavericks. Yes, the same Dallas Mavericks who the Hornets have beaten one consecutive time.
  • Trust the New York media to take an unprovoked shot at someone else just because their franchise is the definition of fubar. This dude tells Knick fans not to worry about James Dolan being a terrible owner, because George Shinn is much worse. Shut up your face.
  • Speaking of Georgie, he's the featured speaker at some luncheon thingy at the N.O. World Trade Centre this Thursday. It'd be great if he got up there and just ripped the Knicks for a solid hour. "Hey, did you hear about the dog crap that stepped in Isiah Thomas?"
  • Another year, another story about how Baron Davis has finally matured. Interesting read though. The past couple of years, I've grown to not hate Baron so much. Shit, maybe I'm maturing, too.
  • To whoever found that unlocked bike outside WalMart today: You're welcome.
  • Hey, remember the T-Wolves Marko Jaric, who dropped 21 points on us a week ago? Apparently he's dating Victoria's Secret model Adriana Lima, who's all hot and stuff. Feel free to hate his guts. (via Ballhype)
  • This guy got a Hornets tattoo. I'm not sure if he's a complete idiot or my new hero.
  • So yeah, Michael Thompson is leaving the Hornets, and I was the last one to find out. I feel so used.

Methinks I'll stop there. Hornets are back at it on Wednesday, hosting the Detroit Pistons. Perhaps I should get my ass to that game.

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