Random Shizzle: Punch Bag edition

The Hornets managed to snap that three-game skid Saturday in LA, beating the Clippers, 98-89 (recap | box | video). That win puts us at 10-5 on the season, which isn't a bad place to be. If we keep winning two-thirds of our games, we'll end up at about 55-27. I can live with that.

Gonna do the whole Shizzle thing today. I write, you read. Go team…

  • Nice to see the Hornets stepping up the D and cutting back the threes out in LA. The Clips were averaging 98ppg on their home floor, and we held them to 89. Our guys also seemed to be taking better shots from the perimeter. We went 13-of-64 from deep during that losing streak. Against the Clippers, our guys drained 8-of-15.
  • Tyson Chandler made his return from that knee injury on Friday in Utah. Since then, he hasn't really been the Tyson Chandler we all know and opponents fear. He had 12 points, 7 boards and 5 turnovers in 31 minutes against Utah, then managed 12 points, 5 boards and 3 blocks in 26 minutes out in LA.
  • A couple of folks are talking about Chris Paul as an MVP candidate, which is nice. Bill Ingram of HoopsWorld has CP third behind Tracy McGrady and Dwight Howard, while ESPN list Paul eighth in the MVP race. Ryan Bowen doesn't appear on either list.
  • The Hornets are back home in New Orleans to play the Timberwolves this evening. After that, it's a well-earned three-day rest until they play again in Atlanta on Friday. It will be the first time this season that the Hornets have had more than a day's rest between games. I think I'll keep blogging through the week though. You know, so my life doesn't lack meaning.
  • Great read from Ryan Schwan this morning, noting that the Hornets are living and dying by the jumpshot. He uses numbers and stuff so you can't disagree with him.
  • Sticking with long bombs for a minute, Jim Eichenhofer noticed that Peja Stojakovic seems to be doing well at the Staples Center this season…

    The 6-foot-10 forward is now 13-for-17 on three-pointers (76 percent) in Los Angeles and 60-for-160 (38 percent) everywhere else.

  • After that Clippers game, the Hornets are 8-0 when leading after three quarters.
  • Some big community investment announcement thingy is going down tomorrow in Gentilly. Tyson Chandler will be there with dudes in suits.
  • Bill Simmons and Chris McCosky are the latest to take shots at the Hornets attendance. Methinks they can shit in a bag and punch it.

Right, so those Timberwolves, eh? We beat them nice and easy without Chris Paul just over a week ago in Minneapolis. Flashback. Six of our guys scored in double figures, led by Peja's 22. Al Jefferson was about the only T-Wolf giving us trouble; he went off for 20 and 10.

Since that meeting, Minnesota have just kept on losing. They're now 1-10 on the season. Every other team in the NBA has at least two wins. At least Jefferson is looking like a young KG out there, though. He's averaging 20.4 points and 11.5 boards.

In conclusion, the T-Wolves suck, and the Hornets really need to beat the crap out of these guys or it's gonna be a long week waiting for Atlanta.

Game tonight is at 7pm Central. Leaving you with zee linkage…

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