Half-assed Preview: Pacers @ Hornets

Published: November 21, 2007

This is gonna be a quick one; got some Shizzle on the way later. The Indiana Pacers are in town today to take on the Hornets. Game time is your usual 7 in the pm at the Arena.

Indiana began the season nicely, winning their first three games and causing me to wonder if maybe they weren't the most forgettable team in the League. They're now 4-7, though, so I guess they do suck after all. Still, they did beat us twice in the preseason, and their lone win in the past 2-plus weeks was a 20-point clobbering of the Jazz on Saturday. Then they go out and give up 134 points to the Lakers at home yesterday.

Unpredictable, these boys be.

Ryan Schwan's got plenty more on the game tonight over at The New Orleans Hornets Fan, including his always-funky positional analysis. You can also read the exact same thing here. I'd suggest leaving a comment on one site, wait for Ryan to reply, then you go reply on the other site. Actually, no, wait. That sounded funnier in my head. Forget it.

No word on whether Chris Paul or Tyson Chandler will be available tonight. I think we can compete with the Pacers without them, and last I checked it was still November so there's no reason to rush those two guys back. I'd like to see them both rested and healthy for that big game looming in Utah on Friday. Plus, Peja's been rolling lately, and he might have some extra motivation tonight, going up against his former team.

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