The Pacers beat the Hornets

The Hornets fell to the Pacers in Indiana yesterday evening. I'm running short on time today which is always good after a loss. Less time to read about the badness and get all depressed, see?

Joey Crawford, not ejecting someone

Some quick news and notes on the game…

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  • Final score was 101-96. Once again, the Hornets fell behind by a large margin, trailing by as much as 21 points a couple times early in the third. They clawed back to within 3 but then whimpered.
  • Tyson Chandler sat this one out. Nothing wrong; Byron Scott just decided to rest him. The Pacers went on to win the rebounding battle, 60-41.
  • Getting their first taste of preseason action were Marcus Vinicus, Trey Johnson and Anthony Richardson. They all pretty much sucked.
  • Hilton Armstrong looked impressive again, knocking down 5-of-8 from the field for 16 points, second only to David West's 17. Well, except for Mike Dunleavy's 20 points for Indiana, but that doesn't count because his face looks stupid.
  • Peja finished just 2-of-9 from the field. On the bright side, still no mention of back pain, back spasms or spinal malfunction.
  • Ryan Schwan says there were 104 Hornets possessions in the game and that means the running game is in full effect. No idea where he gets those numbers from but I believe them.
  • Guess who was refereeing the game: Joey Crawford. It was his first game back since his crazy ejection of Tim Duncan last season earned him a suspension. He had to buy David Stern a doo-rag to get reinstated. More details here.

That last bit was the last bit. Hornets back at it on Saturday against the Suns in Phoenix. We can win that fictional preseason trophy yet, just gotta keep the faith, you know you're gonna live through the rain, don't let your love turn to hate.

And so on.

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