Random Shizzle: Accidental edition

I had loads of stuff to mention in this here latest shizzle, but then my mom got in this accident see, and she was all hungry at the hospital because she never did get those three big macs, so here's me running through the ER with a bag full of burgers and forgetting plenty of good stuff to write here. Get well soon, Momma.

  • Sad to hear about Corey Beck, who last week was shot in the hand and face during an attempted robbery. Apparently two dudes tried to jack his car in Memphis, but Beck managed to drive the car to a fire station after being shot. Hardcore. Dude was in critical condition at the hospital but is making a good recovery. He played for the Hornets for a couple of seasons in the 90's, never making a big impression but I do remember him tearing it up against Phoenix one time.
  • Speaking of old-school Hornets, Vlade Divac and his beard have decided to retire from the NBA. I thought he retired three years ago, but then I have the attention span of a goldf…
  • A great read from not only the newest Hornets blog on the internets, but also one of the top two Hornets blogs on the internets: The 'H' in Hornets stands for… Halo?

  • Gilbert Arenas talks about his website and blogging. He gets a dig in at Chris Paul, too…

    Was the idea to do the site yours?

    They actually came to me about it. At first I didn't think I had the time for it, but I thought if Chris Paul has the time to do it, I can.

    And nobody reads Chris Paul's site.

    That's what I'm gonna outsell him in video games this year. Nobody reads his site.

    Actually, Gil, it's like totally my homepage and stuff.

That's done. Training camp starts tomorrow. On an excitement scale of 6 to 27, I'm like a toothbrush right now. 

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