Michael Thompson answers the tough questions

If you haven't yet, I suggest you go read the Q&A with Hornets' director of communications Michael Thompson over at HornetsReport.com. Christopher "Harvey Hornet" James asks the tough questions and Thompson answers them with words and stuff.

I'd pick out some highlights for you and throw them here, but the whole thing is a funky read, so go do it.

Great job by the HR guys getting this done, and really good to see Thompson addressing these issues. I think this interview alone might do more to win back those New Orleans folk who felt slighted by the whole OKC fling thing than any amount of "We're Back!" billboards and Hilton Armstrong donations.

Looking forward to Part 2. I wonder could we try sneak a completely inappropriate question in there. "Hey Michael, if a king rules a kingdom, and an emperor rules an empire, then who rules a country?"

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