Know your Hornets

Published: August 20, 2007

There's not much Hornets news these days and I've got nothing to tell you guys, so how about I ask a bunch of questions instead?

Great. Glad to have you on board.

The theme for this dose of trivia started out as "Family," but since that idea yielded very few questions, I kinda drifted off into other things halfway through. Anyways…

  1. What's Chad Shinn's official job title?
  2. Morris Peterson has a second cousin who once played in the NBA. Name him.
  3. Who the hell is Phil Pressey?
  4. Which Hornet has a twin sister?
  5. Has the previous question been asked before on this site?
  6. Which player's father is a high school principal?
  7. Name three guys who have played for the Hornets with the initials D.W.
  8. Which team entered the NBA with the Hornets in the great expansion of 1988?
  9. True or false: Byron Scott was born naked.
  10. Name the only team the Hornets will play twice in the 2007 preseason.

Prizes, as usual, are non-existent. One of these days I'll give away something cool like an autographed Chris Paul jersey or a picture of a horse I drew. Actually, it looks more like a bucket than a horse, but you could probably sell it on eBay for billions.

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