Random Shizzle: Bloggy McBloggerson edition

The usual dose of imageless news and such…

  • The best official Hornets website on the planet, Hornets.com, have introduced their own blog, as announced yesterday by Jim Eichenhofer. The blog will be called "Hornets 365."

    Love the name, fellas.

    Seriously though, this is great news. Eichenhofer will have all kinds of access to the players and staff and should therefore be delivering truck loads of good content. I just hope he's ready for the celebrity status that comes with being a hoops blogger. It can be tough to get anything done, what with all the groupies and everything.

  • So Kobe wants to be traded, huh? And it seems like every team in the NBA might have a chance to land that big fish, as Kobe stated "at this point I'll go play on Pluto."

    So if you're Jeff Bower, what kind of package would you be offering to the Lakers? You've got to figure Chris Paul is untouchable, and it would be nice to keep Tyson Chandler, but everyone else is fair game. If only we still had Vlade Divac we could just do a straight-up swap. Actually, no, wait. That would never happen.

    SLAM's Lang Whitaker has a nice team-by-team breakdown of possible destinations for Kobe. Regarding the Hornets…

    "Kobe’s always talked about his respect for Byron Scott, and the Hornets have made a lot of moves in recent years. But if I was LA, I’d want Chris Paul and Tyson Chandler, and they’re not even close to Kobe’s seems like an interesting fit, though."

    There's plenty more ideas being kicked around over at the HR boards. Personally though, I don't think we'll be seeing Kobe in a Hornets jersey anytime soon. Let's just hope he ends up in the Eastern Conference.

  • As posted in our news section earlier this week, the Charlotte Coliseum is due to be demolished on Sunday. Lot of memories in that building for us old-school Hornets fans. Sniff.
  • Who the hell is Charlie Parker?

    According to these two news reports, dude is the Hornets' new assistant coach, having signed on with the team earlier this week. Nothing about this move anywhere else, and there's no mention of the guy over at the Official. Anybody got the scoop?

    [Update: Nevermind]

  • Happy birthday to Marcus Vinicius, who turns 23 today. I'm going to call around to everyone later to sign a card for him, and all I ask is that you please spell his name right. You know how he hates the typos.

Um, yeah. See ya.

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