Random shizzle: Birthday edition

Published: May 6, 2007

Yo, what's happenin' people? I've been a slackin' and the content's been a lackin' but we gonna make it all good right here.

Chris Paul with some white people

  • First up, happy birthday Chris Paul. Dude turns 22 today. I hope he was watching Deron Williams playing like a stud in Game 7 last night. That needs to be you next season, CP, so go easy on the cake.
  • Remember when I said nobody was beating Dallas in the first round? Well you know how that prediction turned out. I'm pretty sure it's the first time I've ever been wrong about anything. I've been mistaken a couple of times before, but never wrong.

    As you know, that Baron Davis guy played his ass off and came up big for G-State. You could say that Diddy did indeed do Dallas. Gotta love watching him at times like this. Brought me back to the 2002 Playoffs when he was busy dropping back-to-back triple-dips on Tracy McGrady's Magic.

    Having said that, I'm glad he's not a Hornet anymore. The lows with BD far outweighed and outlasted the highs. John DeShazier echoed my thoughts on the dude in the T-P last week.

  • So the Hornets aren't quite done with OKC yet. They'll be holding their pre-draft workouts in Oklahoma because the Alario Center in N.O. is unavailable. Congrats to whoever messed that one up.

    This move sucks especially big balls for me because I was hoping to catch a few workouts when I finally hit Nawlins next month. Oh well.

  • Remember that story a few weeks back about the kids not being allowed sing at a Hornets game? Well here's some more bad press for you. This report reveals how much NBA teams donate to various charities through their foundations. The relevant excerpt:

    The least came from the New Orleans Hornets' foundation, which gave away nearly $9,000. Average giving among teams was $549,816.

    Whoops. I wonder can we just blame Peja Stojakovic?

That's all I've got for now. Unfortunately, one or two posts a week is about as good as it's gonna get for the next few weeks. Apologies to those of you who are missing your fix. Take solace in the fact that you'll be able to OD on this site next season.


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