An Ode to Oklahoma City

Just wanted to throw up a post dedicated to Oklahoma City, seeing as how last night looks to have been the Bugs' last dance at the Ford Center. I'm absolutely ecstatic that the team is returning to New Orleans, but I gotta show love to the people who gave my team shelter these past two seasons.

Farewell OKC

Oklahoma City was good to the Hornets. Sure there were some folks who got a bit too frisky and wanted more than just a two year fling, but fuck the bad apples. All in all, it was good run. I'm just sorry the real fans in OKC didn't get a taste of the Playoffs. That would have been something.

So to all the faithful left behind in Oklahoma City, here's a big fat thank you fromus at Thanks for supporting the hell out of our favorite team for two years. To echo Chris Paul's sentiments yesterday, I hope you guys will continue to support the Hornets when they pick up back in New Orleans next year.

Oh, and Talor, if you need a hug, you know I'm here for you, right? 

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