The Nuggets beat the Hornets

It's not looking good, is it?

The Hornets 91-106 loss to the Nuggets yesterday (box | recap | video) drops them to tenth place in the Western Conference standings, a half game behind Sacramento, and 1.5 behind the eighth-place Clippers. This three-game losing streak is the longest we've endured in two months. It wouldn't be so bad if the Hornets were at least giving themselves a chance to win each night, but the past four losses have been by an average of 12 points.

Laughing stock

Everyone not named Tyson Chandler is playing like absolute crap. Against the Nuggets, TC had 15 points, 18 boards and 4 blocks, shooting 7-of-10 from the field. He stayed out of foul trouble, too, allowing Byron Scott to play him for 40 minutes.

He's the only guy on the team right now who's showing up for work, playing every game like it's his last, playing like he wants to see Game 83. Give me an entire team of Tyson Chandlers and maybe we could do something (besides hit free throws).

Chris Paul, get your shit together, man. You're better than this. Deron Williams shouldn't get mentioned in the same breath as you, and yet punks are saying he's the better player. Wipe that stupid smile off Ron Boone's face.

David West, get your finger out. 2-of-10 shooting last night? 4-of-12 against Utah? You do realize we're trying to make the Playoffs here, right? Lang Whitaker doubts you're for real, and I can't say I blame him. Take it personal. Fuel for the fire.

Desmond Mason, I've got two words for you: Contract year. Don't fade late. Give us two solid months, then go get paid by the Blazers or whoever.

Devin Brown, what happened to that chip on your shoulder? People are starting to doubt you again. Dan Dickau had a good run once. Means jack shit now. Don't get comfortable, dude. Hard work got you here, hard work will keep you here.

Bobby Jackson, your game is worse than your writing skills. People are saying you're over the hill. I can try to disagree with them, but they've got all kinds of ammo. I can't compete. Give me something.

Rasual Butler, last night was just your second double-figure scoring game since January. Since January!! What the fuck, man? Tyrus Thomas sat on your head last weekend. 30,000 people (and counting) have seen that on YouTube. 30,000 people are laughing at you. Shut them up.

Linton Johnson, sometimes I forget you're even on this team. You need to remind people why you're getting minutes ahead of the rookies. Nobody drafted you back in 2003. Lately you've been showing us why.

Marc Jackson, you're getting some PT again but you still suck. Some nights I swear Muggsy could out-rebound you. You're collecting almost $5 million this season, and for what? Marcellus Wallace talked about that slight sting. That's pride fucking with you. You do have some pride, right?

Jannero Pargo, you're there to provide a boost off the bench. You're not bringing enough. You want to be a star in this League but stars aren't born in January. You're a scrub right now.

Rookies, this year hasn't gone how you envisioned, but there's still 21 games left. You'll get your minutes, scarce as they may be. Make them count. Use that bounce, knock some heads, plant fucking roots in that hardwood. Make it impossible for Byron to keep you on the pine.

Byron Scott, it's broke, so fix it. Throw them rookies out there. If they fuck up, so what? We might as well lose by 20 as lose by 12. But maybe they'll surprise you. If nothing else, they've got that hunger. We need that hunger.

Peja Stojakovic, heal faster.

Brandon Bass, what the fuck are you doing here?

Jeff Bower, send that kid to Tulsa.

Marcus Vinicius, stay there.

Is that everyone? Good. Now can you please — pretty fucking please — stop acting like a bunch of pussies and start playing like a Playoff team? You're making me sick.

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