Random Shizzle: Lazy weekend edition

Lazy days. I caught a dose of the burnout this weekend. It was awesome. Bouncing back with a shitload of shizzle…

Chandler, all hyped and stuff

  • Don't look now, but the Hornets are suddenly seventh in the Western Conference, creeping ahead of the slumping Nuggetteers by percentage points in the latest standings. Of course, everything is still real tight; Two losses could dump the Hornets back four spots. Our guys don't play again until Tuesday in Cleveland.
  • Chris Paul may be considering the ol tanking thing after watching Kevin Durant torch the Sooners yesterday. Oh, and Brandon Bass was there, too.
  • Great story from Gary Washburn of the Seattle P-I last Friday, in which he tells us about the post-Katrina struggles of a prep basketball team in New Orleans. If you click only one link here today, make sure it's that one. (St. Aug's won that game, by the way.)
  • Plenty of blogging from some Sonics people when they were in New Orleans last week. Frank Hughes of the Tacoma News Tribune was amazed by the "vastness of the devastation" left from Katrina. Washburn sings a similar tune in his blog, as does radio play-by-play dude David Locke over at the Sonics official.
  • Meanwhile, George Shinn ran into the middle of the dinner party in his pyjamas, started stomping his feet and screaming at the top of his voice "I want a shiny new practice facility. I WANT, I WANT, I WANT!!" He's like one of those kids on My Super Sweet Sixteen, or whatever it's called. Except, like, way older.
  • As you'd expect, mucho discussion about Shinn's follies over on the HR boards.
  • Desmond Mason is getting giddy about testing the free agent waters this summer. Methinks he's playing too well right now for the Hornets to re-sign him. Dammit.

And that's all I'm good for right now. I need a stripper or something.

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