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Random Shizzle: Hangover edition

Published: February 19, 2007

So that was All-Star Weekend. Always disappointing, isn't it? They build it up for weeks and months and years, then it arrives and it's never as good as advertised. The games are sloppy, the dunk contest gets worse every year, nobody remembers who wins the other competitions. If it wasn't for Shaq and Gilbert, I would have been reaching for the happy pills.

On to some shizzle…

  • There's been plenty of talk about next year's All-Star game, which is in the good city of New Orleans. David Stern says he's worried about the city being ready in time, lots of discussion about it over on the HR boards.
  • Also on that forum, there's speculation about which Honeybee Jason Kidd banged made love to a few years ago.
  • I'm not pissed about David Lee being named MVP of the Rookie/Sophomore game instead of the statistically superior Chris Paul. Way I see it, Chris cheated. Everyone knows you're not allowed play defense on All-Star Weekend, and every one of CP's nine steals was in direct violation of that rule. He's lucky he doesn't get suspended or something.
  • Watching the main game last night, I realized that it's been ten whole years since Glen Rice went nuts in the third quarter and grabbed himself the MVP. Ten. Whole. Years.
  • By the way, found some good video of G$ via Hoops Addict.
  • Gilbert Arenas blogged (or ghost blogged?) all weekend. The best bit…

    There's a lot of women here. I'm going to try to throw that fishing pole out there and see what I can get. As long as I don't get a tire…or a boot.

Back to what's real, and the Hornets play the Bobcats in Charlotte tomorrow. Preview in due time.

The trade deadline is Thursday, but I don't see the Hornets making any moves. Memphis game aside, everything was clicking before the break, and I doubt Jeff Bower will risk messing that up. 

Trivia later. Check back. 

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