Random Shizzle: Stay in your seat edition

Published: February 12, 2007

I was cruising around on YouTube yesterday and caught Tracy McGrady's legendary clutch performance against San An back in 2004. Three things struck me as I watched:

  1. Darnell Mayberry recently blogged about those crazy cats who leave games early, even if the outcome is undecided. Personally, I think unless it's a twenty point game with two minutes left, you should never, ever leave just in case another McGrady-type thing happens. Who cares if the house is burning down or your wife is giving birth? You can get a new house. You can spawn another sprog. But being lucky enough to see a performance like that in person is probably a once-in-a-lifetime thing.
  2. The guy who turns the ball over in the final seconds to set up McGrady's game winner is none other than Devin Brown. His face at 4:37 says it all.
  3. An old shoe, thrown by my roommate.

In other (more important) news, the Hornets are now just a game away from a Playoff spot by virtue of the Clippers fantastic 80-94 loss at Indiana yesterday. I'd just like to take this opportunity to thank the entire Clippers organization for losing four of their past five games. Keep it up and you guys are so getting a Christmas card next year.


Also last night, the Timberwolves won and the Kings lost, but those two ballclubs are in our rearview so we won't worry about them. Everyone knows that objects in the mirror are farther back than they appear. Or something.

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