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Half-assed Preview: Hornets @ Hawks

Published: January 10, 2007

Ok, I've got about five minutes to do this, and I'm real hungry right about now, so what follows may not be entriely coherent. It's a pity, too, because there's plenty to talk about today. Alas, it will have to wait, although this guy summed up the absurdity of the Bojangles situation pretty good.

(Imagine another image here, this time of Zaza Chalupa Pachulia or someone.)

The Hornets are on the road again, which may be a welcome change seeing as how they lost all four of their games at the Ford Center during the recent homestand. Everyone is still injured, Desmond Mason is still our best offensive threat, and the Hornets are the underdog yet again, except not the loveable kind of underdog that triumphs in the end. The only thing that's really different for the Hornets going into this one is that Byron Scott now has one less player not to give minutes to.

(Mmm, Quiznos.)

The Hawks, meanwhile, are more of a bird-themed franchise as opposed to our insect-themed bunch. They've plummeted in the standings since their semi-impressive 8-9 start, having lost eleven of thirteen since. The geniuses amoung you will figure they now have a 10-22 record, and you wouldn't be mistaken. The Pacers pummelled the Hawks just last night in Indiana, 91-72. Speedy Claxton was the Hawks top scorer in that one with a whopping 12 points. Tyson Chandler can only dream.

Will be interesting to see Speedy in this one. I'm guessing he'll tear the Hornets defense to shreds and brag incessantly about his abundance of unbroken ribs. Damn you, Craig.

I'm sure the Hawks must have injuries or something, because they can't be that bad, surely. A quick read of the AP game preview would likely clue me in, but who's got the time?

Tip is at 6pm CT. Check our links page for relevant Hawks linkage if you really want to. I'm out.

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