The season is over

It has been announced that Chris Paul will miss about 4 weeks with that ankle injury, which makes it a 99.9% certainty that the Hornets will not be making the Playoffs in 2007. What began as a season of unprecedented promise has effectively come to a shitty end in late December.

This isn't real, just so you know

I must say, this once again speaks volumes about the excellent Hornets medical staff. First they misdiagnose Peja's back injury, then they give the broadest possible estimation for David West's recovery, and now we've seen them completely underestimate the severity of Chris Paul's injury. Next they'll be mixing up George Shinn's viagra with Byron Scott's tic tacs.

(Note: If any of the Hornets medical staff guys are reading, know that I'm just looking for someone to blame. Dwyane Wade had his turn, now it's yours. Now stop reading this crap and hit the medical journals. You obviously need to brush up.)

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