The Sonics beat the Hornets

And so the roller coaster continues. Follow one of the best performances of the season with one of the worst. It makes all kinds of sense if you don't think about it.

There's nothing funny about this picture

The final score last night was 94-74; the worst offensive showing of the season for the Hornets. Makes it worse that it came against a weak Sonics team. Here's a half-and-half of notes and observations with a dash of depression…

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  • Some massive scoring droughts for the Hornets last night, first going pointless for 4:16 in the first quarter, then for 5:12 in the final stanza. What I'd give to have David West or Peja out there.
  • You know it's a bad day when Earl Watson out-plays Chris Paul.
  • Perhaps the only positive to take from this one was the play of Hilton Armstrong, who got some burn for the first time in a decade and finished with 9 points and 4 boards in 19 minutes. He also had 3 turnovers, but given the team had 26 total, that ain't so bad.
  • Byron Scott apparently went on a mini rampage in the locker room after the game. Not sure what that involved, but I bet he used words like "heck" and "gosh darn".
  • From the AP report:

    The low point for the Hornets was Watson swiping Jannero Pargo as Pargo lazily dribbled to halfcourt to call a timeout. Watson dribbled in the clear and slammed down a one-handed dunk.

    I'm not sure what brain disease Lamar Odom had last Wednesday, but obviously it's contagious.

  • Gotta feel bad for the diehard Sonics fans. John Reid doesn't paint an optimistic picture about the team's future in Seattle.
  • In the house last night were Guns N' Roses (low here), George Shinn's ol' buddy Paul Mott (halfway here), and a few thousand other people.
  • From this game report:

    The Sonics opened the second quarter on a 19-2 run. During that stretch, the Hornets committed nine turnovers in 13 possessions.

I'm completely amazed that the Hornets haven't had a losing record so far this season. Of course, that could all change tonight when they roll into Oakland with their 9-9 record. The 9-10 Warriors will be especially fired up as they try and bust out of a four-game skid.

Dunleavy: sexyThe Hornets do get a slight break however with the news that G-State's Jason Richardson will miss the game with a knee injury. Baron Davis could also miss the game. He's not injured or anything, but if he was to turn his head real quick or bend down to pick something up, well, that's him out for three weeks.

I know, I know; Pot, kettle, black.

There's not a whole lot different about the Warriors since we saw them twice early in November. You'll remember that the Hornets beat them in Okie-land then lost the one in Oakland. Baron Davis is still breaking ankles and missing threes, Monta Ellis is still looking Most Improved and Mike Dunleavy is still making crazy faces

One thing that's different is the Warrior Girls' new swimsuit calendar, which is important. (Speaking of cheerleaders, still no word from Ali Dudek. I'm beginning to think she never loved me in the first place.)

As mentioned, the Warriors will be out for blood in this one. Losing your last two games by a combined 69 points will do that. I'm just about done here. Wrapping it up with some links…

Tip is at 9:30pm tonight. Get yourself some new socks and a six-pack of suds. You deserve it.

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