Random Shizzle: Band-aid edition

Same shit, different week…

  • The Hornets begin a three-game road trip tomorrow against the Lakers, and they're likely going to be without West and Peja for the entire trip, while Bojangles is now chilling for two weeks with what's turned out to be a cracked rib.

    This ain't a pretty stretch.

  • Darnell Mayberry had a great Q&A with Jannero Pargo in Monday's Oklahoman, first asking JP about his resemblance to boxer Winky Wright, and also about his weird eating habits…

    "Whenever I'm eating, my food can't touch each other."

    WTF? I guess a stir fry is out of the question then. As for the look-a-like thing, see for yourself…


  • Speaking of Mayberry, he's not very popular with the team right now.
  • Tyson Chandler is averaging 12.2 rebounds per game – good for second in the NBA – despite playing less minutes than any other player in the top ten.
  • Old news by now, but worth noting that everybody hates Scoop Jackson. (I'd link directly to the YAYSports! piece but they're down at the moment.)
  • Also old news by now: There's a follow-up to the NBA Blog Previews.
  • The Hornets freefall to number 17 in Marc Stein's latest power rankings. A month is a long time, huh?
  • Ownership rumors run rampant on the HR boards.

And that's it for now. Apologies for the two-day absence. Had to pick up some dry cleaning.

Oh, and you may have noticed that we have a new extremely high-security check thing for the comments, so no more anal sex spam. Sorry. 

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