Random Shizzle: Bojangles edition

Published: November 30, 2006

Great news, people: Bobby Jackson has some busted ribs and didn't practice yesterday. He might even miss tomorrow's game against Chicago. Fantastic.

So, let's see, that leaves us with a somewhat limited number of offensive threats. We've got Chris Paul, then of course there's… um… well, maybe Byron Scott could lace 'em up and knock down some jumpers.

You see, when Rasual Butler is your second biggest scoring threat, life isn't exactly grand. Thankfully, us humans have this thing called memory, so we can recall that 2-29 start two years ago. This team looks like the '96 Bulls by comparison.

Feel better? Good. Here's the shizzle…

  • Loads and loads of pictures of the Hornets (and the Honeybees) right here. Those are all from the Raptors game on Tuesday. Also a few more galleries from last season here.
  • HornetsCentral.com have gone AWOL. So no point clicking on that link then. These guys have been more active with the blogging thing.
  • We learn low here that Desmond Mason is more accurate with a rope than a basketball.
  • Bojangles is my new name for Bobby Jackson, btw. There's not much logic behind it, but I think it works.
  • Looks like David West is going to be out for a couple more weeks, likely missing all of that upcoming three-game West coast road trip.
  • Does anyone else hate the "new-look" Hornets.com? I thought it would grow on me, but no. Ugly women look better. And don't get me started on the broken links over there.
  • If you haven't seen that History of Flight video over on YouTube yet, go now.

Hey, here's a fun game: Let's try guess when the Hornets will get another win. Will it be tomorrow against Chicago? Next Wednesday at the Lakers? January?

Check the schedule and get busy with the comments. I'll be sitting here hitting refresh until we get five. True story.

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