Half-assed Preview: Hornets @ Pacers

Game two of the Hornets season gets under way in about four hours, on the road against the Pacers. Tip is set for 6pm CT.

Indiana are coming off a 106-99 win over the Bobcats in Charlotte, which saw Jermaine O'Neal and Sarunas Jasikevicius score 20 apiece. Stephen Jackson also chipped in 18 points despite wearing a bullet-proof vest and wielding a glock 9 all game.

Bemusing. Yes, bemusing indeed.

There may be some hostility between the Hornets and Pacers in this game. For one, the entire state of Indiana is kinda pissed at Peja for jumping ship, somehow overlooking the fact that the Hornets did them a huge favor by agreeing to make the deal a sign-and-trade so they could land Al Harrington.

Secondly, Tyson's gonna be pissed at Harrington for stealing his Mohawk.

There's also the fact that both teams have yellow uniforms, both of which are horrible. Can we get some black uniforms please sir, Mr. Shinn, sir?

I bet you're wondering how Harrington played against the Bobcats, huh? Well, he scored eight points on 3-of-10 shooting, which is like laser accuracy compared to Peja so far this season.

I'm not really mad at Peja, btw. I'm sure he'll get his shit together and those shots will start falling soon enough. It's not like he's missing the backboard or anything.

I'm bored now. This previewing thing isn't as enjoyable as you'd think. Let's move on. Besides, the mysterious Associated Press already did the P-word.

So, let's cough up some random shizzle instead. That always draws a crowd…

  • Hornets.com has a new look. Amazing coincidence they changed it up the same week I got a sexy new haircut. Perhaps even a little too coincidental.
  • The Hornets didn't want him, the Bulls didn't want him, and now the Nuggets may be trying to trade JR Smith. It will be a real shame if that happens, because JR just started making friends in Denver. After trying and failing week after week, he finally bought this one guy an ice cream last Tuesday and now they're BFF.
  • One-time Hornet Corsley Edwards was selected by the Anaheim Arsenal with the first pick of the D-League Draft yesterday. Other names familiar to Hornets' fans there include Troy Bell, Eddie Robinson and Sean Banks.
  • Need4Sheed needs your help to stop the zero tolerance technical foul gizmo.
  • Chris Paul is the ninth best player in the NBA. SLAM said so. Go buy their magazine. What's really fucking fantastic interesting is that Baron Davis won't make the top 50 at all.

Back to business…

Having read that AP report about the Hornets-Pacers game, I now know that Indiana's bench accounted for 48 points, 22 rebounds and 14 assists against the Bobcats. A 59-year old Darrell Armstrong had 9, 3 and 4 of those. That's a lot. Also, the last time the Hornets played the Pacers, we lost, 97-75.

So if forced to make a prediction, I'd have to say that I will be eating a damn good a sandwich within the next twenty minutes.

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