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Everybody hates the Hornets

Published: October 27, 2006

As promised, Byron Scott is making practice a living hell for the Hornets in the run-up to the season opener in Boston next Wednesday. After yesterday's three-hour session, Bobby Jackson's knees fell off…

Actually, Bobby Jackson's knees are still attached to his body"Outside of training camp, this was the toughest practice I've had. I was wondering when we were going to stop. We went through 30 plays, and we were already tired."

Hmm, so the Hornets have 30 plays. I'm guessing that's one for every team in the NBA, and an extra one for the Mavericks, because 06-07 is really all about beating the Mavericks, baby!

Idiocy aside, you have to wonder if maybe, just maybe, Byron Scott is running the Hornets a little too hard, given that Marc Jackson reaggravated that hamstring injury yesterday, and is now expected to miss some real games.

Baron Davis agrees, saying recently:

"We ran a lot with Byron Scott, but that was just like somebody trying to kill you."

No wonder Baron has trouble picturing puppies and sunshine when discussing the Hornets. If my former coach tried to kill me, I'd feel the same way.

Ditto for Arvydas Macijauskas. Our new bestest buddy, Darnell Mayberry, reports that the Lithuanian blasted the Bugs in some mysterious foreign language recently. Luckily, Darnell speaks this language and translated the words of Macas thusly…

"I want to forget that year. Everything went wrong. A really bad coach, a bad franchise. At the end of the season, I didn't even think of returning to New Orleans next season. From the third game on, I was already sentenced to zero minutes for the rest of the year. The NBA isn't funny. Teams are (not) teams. There's not true commitment between the teammates."

Aw, come on, Arvydas, sure the NBA is funny. You're obviously not reading YaySports!

Anyway, I had a point back there, but now I've lost it. I think I was going to tie this all together with some quotes from JR Smith and the like, then come to a half-assed conclusion that not many people like Byron Scott. Or the Hornets.

Yeah, that was it.

My attention span is at an all-time low, so best resort back to those good old reliable bullet points…

  • did a big crazy preview thing for each team in the NBA. The Hornets one is here. Five of their ten analysts have the Hornets making the Playoffs, which is nice. Yours truly also makes a semi-nude cameo there, too — check number 7.
  • The Ford Center got 86 new EV ZX1i compact loudspeakers. Small-eared Hornets fans rejoice.
  • I wasn't lying about Darnell Mayberry being our new bestest buddy. I may have been lying about his ability to speak foreign languages.
  • Our other bestest buddies — yes, we have more than one — over at figure the Hornets will have a tough time making the Playoffs this season. Indeed, long is the way, and hard, that out of hell leads up to the light. You dig?
  • Scooter McFadgon and Luis Flores are no longer employed by the New Orleans Hornets. Now they know how I feel.
  • Bob Licht checks in over at The Official with something about something.

Ok, I gotta go make a beast of a sandwich. Gonna kick this hangover's ass.

While I'm gone, check the latest edition of Know your Hornets that I posted yesterday. There's ten questions on the team, and nobody's even tried to answer them yet.  There's stats to show us how often you pass through here, people, so I know you're reading.

What's the matter? Too tough for ya? 

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